Founding Members & Donors

We thank the alumni whose generous donations have made it possible for the Alumni Association to pursue its goals.

A very special thank you goes out to the THS Class of ’78, whose initial donation allowed us to establish the THSAA, and to James Morrison, principal of Tenafly High School, whose support has been instrumental during the early stages of the organization’s growth. 

Founding Members of the Tenafly High School Alumni Association:

Carol Silverman-Kurtz (’78)
Tami Luchow (’88)
Briana Goldfein Holden (’96)
Mireille Tang Johnson (’99)
Leigh Barker (’87)
Scott Lichtman (’84)
Linda Sommer (’79)
Richard Drechsel (’79)
Dawn Marquez-Ycre (’84)
Hector Olmo (’84)
Jennifer Block-Weiss (’84)
Kim Starer Landzberg (’87)
*Kerrie Kelley (’87)
Bhavik Rajnikant Gohil  (’05)
Patricia Dotson (’87)
Anna Osterberg Danehey (’87)
John (Gorman) Sheppard (’96)
Raychel Amicucci (’88)
Kristin Nolan (’87)
Leslie M. Kahn (’87)
Alissa Moore (’87)
Elizabeth Graber (’11)
Gia Morris-Kern (’88)
Kerrie Obermeyer (’87)
Katie Waterman Silversey (’88)
Elysa Surrey
Wendy Pflaum-Sherman — in memory of Mark Sherman (’87)
Jen Croneberger (’91)
Erin Mahoney Dell’Aquila (’89)
Lynn Van Ost (’78)
Victor Armaniaco
Joshua Goldfein (’00)
Richard Volin (’87)

* Donor contributed $100 or more